Thursday, August 25, 2011

Browns learned a lesson tonight

The Eagles were a bad match-up for the Browns tonight.

 The Eagles defense has been practicing against the West Coast offense since 1999. The Browns defense has been practicing against the West Coast since July 30.

The Browns starting defense played well, particularly the defensive line, but the difference in the game was the way the Eagles defense engulfed Colt McCoy and the Browns offense. The Eagles anticipated McCoy well and forced his first interception of the preseason. At one point the Browns trailed 24-0. The defense played better than that score indicates, but not the offense.

The highlights for the Browns were rookie defensive lineman Phil Taylor and third-year receiver Brian Robiskie. Taylor was in Michael Vick's face most of the first half. He sacked Vick and forced a fumble. Jayme Mitchell recovered inside the Eagles 20, but the Browns didn't cash in.

Robiskie might have saved his job. He caught the ball well and, despite an offensive interference penalty, showed he'll fight for the ball.


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