Thursday, January 13, 2011

Give Shurmur time

I have no idea whether Pat Shurmur will be a good head coach for the Browns. How could anyone say definitively, one way or another, what kind of job Shurmur will do?

I do know this: He is starting ahead of  where Eric Mangini was two years ago for two reasons. The team is better than it was when Mangini took over a condemned property in 1999 and he shares the same philosophy as General Manager Tom Heckert, who is in charge of player acquisition. Imagine that.

Mangini' first year was wasted because he did not have a legitimate starting quarterback. Shurmur won't have to worry about that because he has Colt McCoy established as the starter.

Shurmur won't have to run the entire football operation as Mangini chose to do in 2009. Holmgren runs the show and Heckert picks the players. Shurmur has to coach. That's it.

Holmgren won't be quick to get rid of Shurmur if Shurmur struggles early. He'll probably give him more than the two years Mangini got - only one of those from Holmgren.

But if Shurmur doesn't succeed in three years, Holmgren should hire himself as head coach.



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