Monday, January 3, 2011

Holmgren had no choice

Mike Holmgren wanted Eric Mangini to succeed, but when the Browns lost their last four games he had no choice. He had to fire him.

I am amazed how many fans wanted Mangini to stay, because usually fans change their opinions Monday to Monday depending on what happened the day before. Fans are concerned about continuity, but Holmgren will at least maintain continuity in quarterback Colt McCoy.

Players agree Mangini has left the Browns on the brink of being successful, but losing to Buffalo, Cincinnati, Baltimore and Pittsburgh to finish the season and going 1-5 in the AFC North doomed Mangini.

Players grew to like Mangini after a stormy 2009. Mangini relaxed. The offense never got untracked,.and that proved to be Mangini's undoing. He was loyal to all his assistants. Had he replaced Brian Daboll a year ago he might still be head coach today.


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