Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Peaceful training camp

Anyone watching the Browns in training camp can hear the person next to him or her without straining. Why? Because that ridiculous idea of Eric Mangini's to blast music to simulate stadium noise is not Pat Shurmur's idea.

Shurmur's version of training camp is to teach and coach. It is just a few days in, but the concentration level of players is high. It has to be, because they are trying to digest a new offense and new defense without the benefit of any offseason program due to the lockout. On the other hand, the players are fresh for having not gone through the minicamps and OTAs, and they were responsible enough as individuals to train on their own so they were physically ready for camp.

One idea of Mangini's not being used by Shurmur was beneficial. Mangini had officials work every practice. Making players run laps for penalties might have been unnecessary, but the supervision did result in fewer gameday penalties. Shurmur will have officials in camp at some point, but not yet.


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