Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cribbs dazzling as a receiver

Josh Cribbs has his detractors as a wide receiver, judging by the comments readers make whenever his name shows up in a story, but those skeptics might be basing their theory on old information.

Cribbs has consistently been the best receiver in training camp. Hope this doesn't jinx him, but Cribbs is catching everything thrown his way. He is fighting for passes much better than some of his peers. He made a diving catch Wednesday morning.

A year ago Cribbs reported to camp weighing about 225 pounds. He is 10 pounds lighter this summer and it shows. He is sleek and quick out of his breaks. In the past he has dropped catchable balls, but that isn't happening this camp.

The West Coast offense is designed to hit receivers in open space and let them run. Cribbs could be ideal in this offense. When Mohamed Massaquoi heals from his left foot injury I'd like to see Massaquoi and Cribbs as the starters in the third preseason game.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Schudel, I have been following your Browns TC reports and appreciate your sharing your insights.

Since camp started, you have been reporting that Cribbs is demonstrating the best performance at WR in practice.

The Browns WR corps is drastically unproven, yet the WCO when executed properly can yield very effective results.

Can you please try and offer what is different this year than year's past regarding Cribbs? Is it that his competition is less than last years, so his game is just appearing better, or has he developed better skills to go with his amazing talents?

What are the coaches saying about his prospects this year as a WR? After 20 + years of covering the Browns, what are your projections for him this coming season?

Thanks for your coverage.

August 18, 2011 at 7:11 AM 

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