Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Now it's Qunn's turn

Brady Quinn, as we've been saying for weeks, will start for the Browns Sunday against the Vikings. He did not bury Derek Anderson in the quarterback competition, but in Eric Mangini's eyes he won it, and that's all that counts.

Mangini told each quarterback privately Tuesday night and tried to keep his decision secret. When the Browns practiced Wednesday after having the previous day off, Quinn was with the first team, acording to reports. Mangini has made it clear this isn't a trial run. He plans to stick with Quinn through good times and bad.

The idea Mangini could keep the identity of the starter a secret until Sunday did not have much chance of working, but at least he made the Minnesota coaches work overitme Tuesday, which for each NFL team is their biggest preparation day. For his part, Vikings coach Brad Childress said his team is more concerned about the 10 other players and what they do in various formations. I don't buy that. Quinn and Anderson have different styles. You don't just plug one in for the other, so the Vikings had to prepare for both.

Fans either love or hate Quinn, it seems. The Quinn haters have to be Notre Dame haters, because Quinn has only three starts in his Browns career. This is Quinn's third season, but he will be learning on the job. Fans will have to be patient. After experiencing eight losing season in 10 years, patience among fans is not in ready supply.


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