Sunday, August 23, 2009

Browns show improvement, work remains

So now we know the Browns can beat a team that did not win any games last season. Does that cheapen the 27-10 thrashing of the Lions Saturday night in Cleveland Browns Stadium? It shouldn't.

Derek Anderson bashers will focus on the interception he threw with five seconds left in the first half. It was a bad throw, too high and too hard for rookie James Davis to catch. It also was a contrived situation. He never would have thrown the pass in a real game with the Browns leading 20-0.

Except for that pass to Davis, Anderson threw the ball with authority and confidence. From this perspective he drew even with Brady Quinn.

There were still too many penalties. All 10 Detroit points were scored off Browns turnovers. But the Browns tackled better than in the preseason opener and rookie James Davis showed why he should be the No. 2 running back. He broke out on an 81-yard touchdown run and no one caught him.

The game was a step in the right direction.


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