Monday, August 31, 2009

Mangini delays decision

This should not come as a shock, but Coach Eric Mangini this morning said he is not ready to name his starting quarterback. No matter how much he is pressed on the subject, he won't crack.

Brady Quinn appeared to pull ahead of Derek Anderson in the preseason game against the Titans, but if Mangini sees it that way he isn't saying. He seems to be having fun playing Clue. He said the same thing happened his first season as coach of the Jets in 2006; he took a quarterback derby to the end of training camp before making Chad Pennington the starter.

The Browns play their final preseason game Thursday night in Chicago. Normally the starters play one or two series and then head to the sideline so they don't get hurt. Mangini said he hasn't decided how he will divide the work between Quinn and Anderson.

At some point this indecision is going to backfire on Mangini. He needs to pick a starter and move on. The Vikings, the Browns' opponent in the opener, aren't being fooled. If they aren't preparing for Brady Quinn it would be a surprise.


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