Thursday, August 20, 2009

D-Day coming for D.A.

Eric Mangini says all the right things when he declares the quarterback derby between Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn isn't over, but the Browns head coach will have difficulty maintaining suspense if Anderson does not play well against the Lions on Saturday.

Anderson has had the edge over Quinn in day to day practices, but Quinn is closing the gap, and Quinn clearly outplayed Anderson last week in Green Bay.

The pressure is really on Anderson. Mangini has set it up perfectly. The fans are down on Anderson and have made him the scapegoat for the way the Browns played last year. The fans are sour because the Browns played poorly against Green Bay last week. Plus, Anderson has to prove his 0-for-2 performance against the Packers was a fluke. He knows the fans prefer Quinn.

If Anderson can overcome all that and play well against the Lions, the derby should go on another week. If not and Quinn plays well again, the battle should be over.


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