Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Browns have to run first

It really won't matter who plays quarterback for the Browns if they can't run the ball better than they did in preseason. Fans are excited abut rookie James Davis and with good reason, but he's going to find going against the Vikings starters for four quarters is a lot different than going against Chicago Bears no longer on the roster.

I've said it all along - the most important player on the Browns offensive roster is Jamal Lewis. Coach Eric Mangini and General Manager George Kokinis gambled they could get one more season out of Lewis. They were so confident he could still deliver they passed on Beanie Wells in the draft. Wells was drafted by the Arizona cardinals with the 31st pick, 10 picks after the Browns took center Alex Mack. For what it's worth, Mack is second behind Hank Fraley on the depth chart.

The Browns were right to not release Lewis when cuts were made on Saturday, but he was slow to the hole in preseason. His 2.6-yard per carry average is a warning signal. Lewis will play harder when games count, starting Sunday. But if he does not have success, the Browns will be in for a long season.


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