Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mangini jumps on team

Fans who were critical of Romeo Crennel for not being stern should like what Eric Mangini had to say about his team after the Browns finished practice Tuesday morning.

Mangini did not like the effort his team showed. It is a carryover from a lack of fire in a 17-0 loss in Green Bay on Saturday in the preseason opener.

It was hot and humid Tuesday. His team was in shorts and without pads. Still, they dragged. Mangini was calm as he criticized the team as a whole.

“In any game you’re going to feel tired," Mangini said. "During the course of the season, you’re going to feel tired. You have to push through that and accomplish the things that need to be accomplished.

"Any time you think you have it hard, look over at some of the visitors we have from the different community groups who are struggling for the basics like school supplies. That’s difficult. What we do to get ready for football games, that in relative terms is not hard at all.”

At this juncture of past training camps former Coach Butch Davis surprised the team by treating them to a day at Strongsville Pool. Another time he brought in a comedian and another time he brought in rapper Run-DMC.

“They could watch practice and get comic relief,” Mangini said dryly. “They could yuk it up over that.”

The Tuesday workout wasn’t the first bad practice of training camp. Mangini has been critical before, but never in terms as harsh.


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