Saturday, August 15, 2009

Browns showed no fire

The streak without an offensive touchdown is now at seven games for the Browns. Sure, the 17-0 loss to the Packers on Saturday nigh in Green Bay was an exhibition game, but I expected the Browns to show more fire than they did.

The Packers ran through the Browns defense. We've seen that before. Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers had all the time in the world to throw for the most part. We've seen that, too. And Braylon Edwards dropped another touchdown pass. We saw that a lot last year.

Brady Quinn took the lead in his quarterback derby with Derek Anderson. Quinn threw an interception in the end zone, but Anderson did nothing positive in two chances.

This team needs a lot of work. Fortunately for Coach Eric Mangini, the season opener is four weeks from Sunday. He'll need that time to correct the flaws of Saturday night.


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