Friday, August 14, 2009

Time for Browns to win one

There is no history proving winning preseason games has a carryover to the regular season.Eric Mangini was a secondary coach with New England in 2003 when the Patriots were 4-0 in preseason. They went on to win the Super Bowl. In 2004 they won their preseason opener and then lost the next three, yet they won the Super Bowl that year, too.

Mangini is not coaching a Super Bowl contender in Green Bay tonight. But when he runs out of that visitor's tunnel in Lambeau Field, he will be leading a Browns team that has forgotten how to win. The Browns lost all four preseason games last summer, and that did have a carryover into the regular season. That's the main reason the Browns needed a new coach.

Don't play the starters four quarters. That would be ridiculous. And don't unveil all the trickery on offense or defense planned for the regular season. But the best way to change the attitude around Berea is to win. Afterward the players can say it doesn't count, but it has to feel a lot better saying it doesn't count after winning than pretending the game means nothing after a loss.


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