Friday, August 7, 2009

Take another lap

The Browns continue to commit penalty after penalty despite Coach Eric Mangini's edict declaring any player flagged or fumbling in practice has to run a lap.

Most of the penalties called on the offense in training camp have been for false starts. That follows a pattern prevalent in the entire NFL, according to a chart produced by NFL game officials.

Referee John Parry was in the Browns facility Friday to work both practices, plus the practice Saturday and the scrimmage at Cleveland Browns Stadium on Sunday. Last year false start was called 653 times in the NFL. offensive holding was second with 587 penalties followed by defensive offsides at 317.

Mangini is determined the Browns will cut down on their mistakes. They committed 100 - 10 more than the league average. Mangini said false start and other pre-snap penalties involve a lack of focus. On Friday morning Floyd Womack, Eric Steinbach and Isaac Sowells each ran a lap for a false start penalty. The Browns will have to do better than three false starts a game if they're going to cure last year's ills.


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