Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New York is Super? Oh no!

The problem with the Super Bowl being in New York in 2014 is it will be in New York.

Okay, geographically speaking it will be in New Jersey, but let's not quibble about borders.

New Yorkers already think their city is the center of the universe. They believe God has a Brooklyn accent. And now we have to endure almost four years of chest puffing from people wearing Yankees and Giants and Jets hats. Who knows? Knicks forward LeBron James might even be part of the coin toss. Ugh!

The NFL has a standing rule - or had a standing rule. The average temperature for the Super Bowl city had to be at least 50 degrees for the game. Super Bowls have been played in cold weather cities - Pontiac, Mich., Minneapolis and Detroit - but each time in a domed stadium. By the time the Super Bowl is played in the 82,500-seat, $1.7 billion new Meadowlands, 47 Super Bowls will have been played under the 50-degree guideline.

The game itself in the elements could be fun to watch, if not to sit through. Two weeks earlier the NFC championship might be played in Green Bay and/or the AFC championship in New England, so finally staging a Super Bowl in a cold-weather climate is really how a championship should be decided.

I just wish New Yorkers weren't feeling more special and entitled now than they did already.


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