Sunday, February 28, 2010

Help is on the way

INDIANAPOLIS - The Browns will make two of the first 38 picks in the draft in April - seventh in the first round on April 22 and the sixth pick in the second round the next day. No matter what happens in the first six picks on the first day, they should come away with two starters with their top two picks. I am more convinced of that than ever after spending the last four days interviewing players at the Scouting Combine.

Cornerback Joe Haden from Florida and safety Eric Berry from Tennessee came across as confident but not cocky players. USC free safety Taylor Mays seemed to have an attitude.

Dez Bryant is the undisputed top receiver in the draft and at least one draft prognosticator has the Browns taking him. I'm not sure about him. I thought he was a bit of a flake. The Browns already had one - we will call him strange - wide receiver in Braylon Edwards. They don't need another one.

Texas cornerback/safety Earl Thomas will be coachable and Alabama inside linebacker Rolando McClain played in the 3-4 with the Crimson Tide, so he's ready to go.

Stay tuned. Free agency begins Friday. It is an exciting offseason for the Browns.