Sunday, December 27, 2009

Browns impressive again

Jerome Harrison today proved once again he can carry the load for the Browns, but on a broader scale the Browns showed they are headed in the right direction. The 23-9 victory over the Raiders was a team effort of offense, defense and special teams.

On Monday we will talk to Mike Holmgren. He will probably dodge questions about Eric Mangini's future. Mangini has earned the right to coach another season, but the problem is his philosophy doesn't coincide with Holmgren's. That doesn't mean they can't work together. It won't be an easy decision for Holmgren.

Critics will say the Browns three-game winning streak came against three inferior teams. Since handing the Steelers their fifth straight loss Pittsburgh beat Green Bay and Baltimore. Last week the Raiders beat Denver.

The Browns are getting better. Give them credit.


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