Sunday, December 27, 2009

Holmgren isn't here

Contrary to some radio reports, Browns president to be Mike Holmgren is not in Cleveland Browns Stadium to watch the Browns play the Raiders. The players believe they are auditioning for their new bosses nonetheless.

Mike Furrey is starting at safety and Mike Adams is starting at right cornerback in place of Brandon McDonald. That is a statement about what Eric Mangini thinks of Hank Poteat (23) and Brandon McDonald (22).

It is bitterly cold, but the wind is not a factor; the ribbons atop the goalposts are barely moving.

The Raiders won the coin toss. Here we go. Phil Dawson's kick resulted in a touchback. Charlie Frye's first pass was intercepted by David Bowens. The Browns turned the takeaway into a 17-yard touchdown run by Jerome Harrison.


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