Monday, October 12, 2009

Mangini vague on Davis

It's always something with the Browns - a quarterback controversy, Braylon Edwards allegedly punching a man outside a bar and then getting traded two days later.. . A four-game losing streak. . . And now, the mystery surrounding an injury to running back James Davis.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reported Davis was hurt in an "opportunity period" in practice Sept. 24 when an eager linebacker wearing shoulder pads tackled Davis, who was not in pads. Davis suffered a torn labrum that will require surgery to repair.

Coach Eric Mangini was asked Monday about the incident. He had chances to say it did not happen the way it has been reported, but he did not.

"We've been talking to the league about it," Mangini said. "I feel comfortable with where we are on it. The last thing I want to do is put anybody in a position where they could get hurt.

"I've talked to the league about it. We'll keep going through it. The research I've done, I feel very comfortable with where we're at."

The league is investigating the matter.


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