Friday, October 2, 2009

Anderson can't be too careful

Derek Anderson is excited to get his first meaningful start since being benched halfway through last season. How long he stays in the saddle depends on how well he protects the football.

This is a bit of a quandary for Anderson. His nature is to throw downfield more than Brady Quinn does and that will result in more interceptions but also more touchdowns - high risk, high reward. If he plays inhibited, afraid of being benched for throwing an interception, he won't be as effective as he would if he lets it rip.

The Bengals are 2-1 and would be 3-0 if a bounce in the opener did not go Denver's way. Cincinnati is going to score on the Browns' leaky defense, so it will take three touchdowns for the Browns to win. The Browns have a better chance of scoring three TDs with Anderson than with Quinn but only if Anderson stays aggressive.


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