Monday, October 5, 2009

Edwards in bad light

Allegedly Browns receiver Braylon Edwards socked an acquaintance of LeBron James at about 2:30 a.m. today outside a Cleveland night club, giving Edward Givens a black eye and a cut on his face.

Givens is a little guy - 5-foot-7, 135 pounds. Edwards is a much bigger guy - 6-3, 215 pounds.

Edwards wasn't in the locker room to answer questions today - no surprise there. Normally in these situations the player apologizes for embarrassing the organization, teammates, fans, the city, his dog - it's like a script. Browns coach Eric Mangini talked to him about the incident, but Mangini wouldn't say what Edwards said.

This is a typical Browns mess. I think the Browns got rid of the wrong diva when they traded Kellen Winslow Jr. to Tampa Bay. Edwards has been a problem of one sort or another ever since he was a rookie in 2005 - except 2007 when everything went right.

Edwards name does not appear in the police report and so far there has been no arrest or charges filed. It is important to remember that.

The Browns made improvement against the Bengals, but Edwards' alleged bad decision makes him the story. He likes being the story, one way or another. He did not catch a pass against the Bengals, so he wasn't a story Sunday.But he's a story now.


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