Monday, September 28, 2009

QB announcement Wednesday

Coach Eric Mangini today said he will wait until Wednesday to name his starting quarterback for the game against the Bengals on Sunday in Cleveland. He doesn't plan to keep his decision a secret as he did before the opener.

Brady Quinn was benched at halftime Sunday in Baltimore. Derek Anderson took over with his team losing 20-0 and threw three interceptions.

Anderson gives the Browns a better chance of beating the Bengals because he can stretch the field. Mangini has to weigh that against giving Quinn more time to learn whether Quinn can be the quarterback in 2010 and beyond. There is no way the Browns can go into next summer not knowing their starting quarterback.

Mangini and players say the problems are correctable. That one is getting old. They lost 27-6 in Denver and 34-3 in Baltimore. "Correctable" is adding a little more salt to make the gravy taste better. The Browns problems go way deeper.


Blogger Dave said...

"Anderson gives the Browns a better chance of beating the Bengals because he can stretch the field." Are you kidding me? That's your reasoning? He certainly stretched the field effectively yesterday in Baltimore, didn't he?

Get a clue! How can Anderson stretch the field with NO ONE TO THROW TO?!?!?! Then again, Anderson has never been shy about stretching the field and throwing the ball to opposing DBs.

How can you say, on the one hand, that Anderson is the answer and then, on the other hand, say the Browns problems go way deeper? You sound like a fool!

Yes, it's true the Browns problems go way deeper. Way, way deeper than just the starting QB. Reverting back to Anderson solves nothing. It's a step backward.

Come up with some better reasoning, please. Try again. Still waiting ...

September 28, 2009 at 4:22 PM 

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