Friday, October 23, 2009

Give Eric Wright a break

Cruel fans are piling on Eric Wright for being in an accident early Friday morning on his way home from a Jay-Z concert at The Wolstein Center.

All I can say is the person looking back at them in the mirror must cast a pretty nice reflection. They must have a perfect driving record, too.

The Cleveland police investigated and came to the conclusion no drugs or alcohol were involved. The road was wet, his car hydroplaned and he lost control. Wright probably should have been driving slower than 60 M.P.H. going around the curve on I-490, but that was his only fault.

And I wonder - does everyone criticizing him wear their safety belts all the time? Wright was wearing his. It saved his life. Wright is a good guy. Somebody from the State Highway Patrol should ask him to do a public service announcement about wearing seat belts.


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