Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Trade Quinn if return is right

We are six games into 2009 and with each passing game it becomes more and more evident the quarterback of the future isn't in a Browns uniform. So the Browns should trade Brady Quinn before the 4 p.m. deadline today - but only if they get enough in return.

If Coach Eric Mangini can get a second-round pick for Quinn he should make the deal. Waiting until the draft next year could increase Quinn's value because so many teams need quarterbacks - the Bills, Rams, Panthers and Titans among others. Those teams could try to outbid each other. But the opposite could happen. If the Browns finish badly enough to get a top five pick in the draft they will be in position to draft Jake Locker from the University of Washington or Sam Bradford from Oklahoma - although Bradford's right shoulder is a red flag.

Quinn would be useless to the Browns if they take Locker or Bradford and his trade value would decrease. If they can get a second-round pick from one of the bottom feeders today, they should make the deal.


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