Sunday, October 18, 2009

Browns take step back

Effort wasn't the problem for the Browns today. The problem was talent and execution.The Browns made mistakes they did not make while losing a close game to the Bengals and when they beat the Bills.

The Steelers have more talent than the Browns at every position on defense with the possible exception of nose tackle Shaun Rogers and every position on offense except left tackle Joe Thomas. That's why the Steelers have beaten the Browns 12 straight times. It has nothing do to with jinxes.

The Browns gave the Pittsburgh receivers too much room to catch the ball, but that's because Hines Ward and Santonio Holmes can beat the Browns cornerbacks on a bad day. The Browns put pressure on Ben Roethlsiberger, but not enough. Other teams have the same problem.

The Browns did play hard. That's something to build on. The rematch is Dec. 10 in Cleveland.If the Browns are still putting out effort by then, it means Coach Eric Mangini is doing something right.


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