Sunday, September 27, 2009

Underdog Browns undermanned

Adam Schefter of The NFL Network reported five unidentified Browns players have filed a grievance against head coach Eric Mangini. Tensions are high, and they are very likely to grow worse after today.

Few people outside the locker room give the Browns a chance today. They are not as physically tough as the Ravens to begin with, and now because of a hamstring injury they won't have their only physical running back, Jamal Lewis.

An 0-3 start will test Mangini's leadership. His stern discipline won't be accepted long if the Browns keep losing. It isn't all Mangini's fault. He could be the greatest coach in history and he couldn't coach me how to tackle Adrian Peterson or Willis McGahee. He doesn't have enough good players to win here, and that includes the players he and General Manager George Kokinis have added.

Jerome Harrison is starting in place of Lewis. Rookie receiver Brian Robiskie is inactive for the second straight week.


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