Monday, August 3, 2009

Rookie Davis impressing coaches

Keep an eye on running back James Davis if you're looking for an early candidate for Rookie Star of training camp. The Browns drafted him in the sixth round in April, and so far he looks like a bargain.

Davis bursts through the line without dancing while the hole closes. He usually keeps running until he gets to the end zone. Make no mistake, Jamal Lewis is still the starter, but if Davis keeps playing as he has he will earn playing time that would otherwise go to Jerome Harrison. On one play Monday morning, Hamza Abdullah tore through the line on a blitz. Davis picked him off, allowing Brady Quinn time to throw a deep pass about 55 yards downfield to Lance Legget. The play went for a 98-yard touchdown.

"James has done a really nice job," Coach Eric Mangini said. "What I like about him is he's done it since the day he got here. There have been multiple drills when he's the first one down on special teams. That's what gets you noticed."

Some players from past drafts, such as Lee Suggs (fourth round in 2003)and Harrison (fifth round in 2006)have let being drafted late nag them. Davis said he isn't letting being picked in the sixth round affect him.


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