Sunday, August 2, 2009

Offense runs a lap

Some days training camp goes to the offense. Some go to the defense. Sunday belonged to the defense.

The offense was so miserable during the hurry-up portion of practice with dropped passes, botched snaps and penalties that at one point Coach Eric Mangini made the entire offense run a lap. The innocent ran with the guilty.

The offense is ahead of where it was in minicamp, but the Browns are fortunate the season opener is six weeks away. Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn are throwing passes to rookies and inexperienced players such as Lance Leggett while the team's best receiver, Braylon Edwards, rides an exercise bike because of a mysterious leg injury.

The inexperience is a fair excuse for the offense looking choppy, but not for the penalties and botched snaps. On Sunday the Browns looked a lot like they did last season.


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